Software that Documents & Manages Sexual Assault Allegations and Investigations at Prisons, Jails and other Holding Facilities.

PREATrac reduces the risk from potential lawsuits while facilitating compliance with federal reporting requirements.

PREA Coordinators and investigators use PREATrac to conduct thorough and timely investigations into allegations of sexual assault in prisons, jails, and other holding facilities. They are able to demonstrate, through the audit logs maintained by the system, that the investigations were conducted in a thorough, consistent and timely manner.  They use PREATrac to open investigations, assign investigators, gather evidence and testimony & store them into a case-specific digital folder, thereby preserving important photographic, video, and audio evidence for posterity. In addition, the users are able to generate the mandatory PREA reports easily with almost the push of a button.



Browser-Based: Allows for rapid deployment in a secure cloud or on-site servers.

Integration: With Offender Management Systems (OMS) and Correctional Health Care Systems.

Multi-Level Tracking: Allows comprehensive tracking of data and other information at a facility level or at the Department of Corrections (DOC) level of various statistics pertaining to PREA Investigations.

Case Tracking of Time Sensitive Deadlines: Ensures that cases are investigated within a specified timeframe as defined in the PREA guidelines and fully customizable to local agency policies. The solution provides alerts, notifications, and documentation of authorized timeline extensions.

Comprehensive Data Collection: Collects data as required by the PREA guidelines and standards. Enables facilities to document, collate, and analyze pertinent data on case by case or cumulative manner such as incident locations, types of allegations, staff/inmates involved, injuries, aftercare, retaliation, etc.

Flexible Report Writing Capability: Integrated with a Report Writer to enable the agency to create its own reports without the need for system customizations or modifications. Can create electronic case files,  reports, or cases as determined by agency.

Audit Trail: Audit trail to track changes made by users via date & time stamp