Informed decisions with Analytics-as-a-Service

Imagine if you could identify the best matches for your clinical trials…
KTM – Clinical Trials Analytics, utilizing personalized health models, can help you identify the right candidates for your clinical trials. This will help improve the efficacy of your clinical trials.

Imagine If you could monitor your patients remotely for indications of negative health outcomes…
KTM-mHealth, help you monitor your patients’ health and recovery using personalized, dynamic risk models and be on the lookout for indications of negative health outcomes.

Imagine if you could develop more accurate targets for your sales teams…
KTM-Banking & Finance,  utilizes multi-domain consumer models, combined with non-traditional data sources to create a more comprehensive picture of the business landscape

Imagine if you could identify signs of deception in your borrowers…
KTM – Risk Analytics, using multi-modal analytical techniques detects signs of deception, discomfort and unusual behavioral patterns, providing an additional level of analysis to aid underwriters make effective decisions.


Life Sciences & Pharma

KTM – Precision Medicine

For Clinical Trials – Candidate Selection
For mHealth – PTSD, Precision Healthy Aging


KTM – Healthcare

For Hospitals – Readmission Risk Prediction

Banking, Finance & Insurance

KTM – Risk and Behavior

For FinTech – Speech & Video Intelligence for Risk Predictions
For Banking & Finance – Cognitive Intelligence for Credit Ratings
For Insurance – Agent Performance, Sales Targets

Kovid Thinking Machine is being leveraged across various industry segments. These are just some of the services that the KTM is capable of providing. We are eager to work with you to understand your business problems and leverage the Kovid Thinking Machine’s capabilities to address your needs.