Cognitive Computing - AI Platform, ability to handle voice, video, and data
Extract insights and drive actions


The human brain is unfettered and infinitely elastic and as a consequence, thinking is imaginative and boundaryless. New discoveries lead to learning and humans often capture this knowledge into programmed devices that yield desirable events. These devices or machines are structured and process-strong, engineered to produce dependable outcomes at scale.

The Kovid Thinking Machine, by interpreting voice, vision and text and by placing the interpretations in the context of learned knowledge, synthesizes these two notions – the ability to imagine new possibilities, yet cognitively connect data patterns in a sensible manner. It represents a step toward machine understanding

Humans process information about the world around them in terms of concepts that have already been learned. They also have a unique ability to combine concepts to create richer models of the world around them. This basic human ability is acquired over a period of time primarily through observation and feedback.

At Kovid, we are creating a multi-modal cognitive AI Framework that incorporates this human ability:

to learn the underlying structure of the observed world
to utilize concepts learned in one context to another
to combine different concepts together

The Kovid Thinking Machine, an evolving Artificial Intelligence Engine, operates on information in multiple forms, learning the underlying concepts, and applying them to more complex scenarios. Allowing for keener insights and better decision making.

Kovid Thinking Machine