Global Research Facilities focused on developing multi-modal intelligence

Kovid Labs, the R&D unit of the Kovid Inc., focuses on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning research.

Its overarching goal is to build the Kovid Thinking Machine, a cognitive platform that observes the world, processes information about occurrences, understands the occurrences in context, and develops inferences based on this learning. With this processed information, the Kovid Thinking Machine would have the ability to take actions based on its knowledge and biases.

Kovid Labs research facilities are set up in premium technology institutions across the globe, utilizing top researchers in engineering and technology, both in terms of faculty and students.  Kovid Labs employs highly skilled data scientists with in depth expertise in speech and signal processing, natural language processing, computer vision and cognitive computing to build models which solve challenging AI problems. Experienced faculty from prestigious Institutions engage with Kovid Labs as consultants.  They mentor Kovid Labs’ researchers and oversee short and long term sponsored research projects.  The faculty defines the area of research, selects the team and performs research on specific challenges while collaborating with our sales and marketing organizations to ensure the research is steered in the right direction.

Current Research

In order to build a general-purpose thinking machine our current research involves processing unstructured text, raw audio streams and raw video streams to understand, infer and extract context from the data. Our current research activities are focused around emotion recognition, activity recognition and behavioral understanding of the objects in the data streams.

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