Kovid Analytics, part of a new generation of IT Service companies, utilizes innovative techniques such as high-end multi-modal voice, vision and text analytics to fulfill the growing fundamental needs of our clients. Unlike the existing breed of IT Service companies, KOViD focuses on IP creation through Kovid Thinking Machine, a cutting edge AI platform developed by our global network of research laboratories and world-renowned academic institutes.

At Kovid, we are committed to leveraging our deep and global research talent to build products and solutions to meet the needs of our customers and advance the state of the art. We are uniquely positioned in the industry with our multi modal capabilities, i.e., voice, vision, text analytics combined with cognitive capabilities.

Our research is driven by real-life use cases, thereby yielding practical solutions that benefit our customers. For example: we offer Analytics as a Service to help organizations deal with financial risk. Our health care analytics, specifically in the area of patient monitoring and the application of multi-modal analytics for detection of deceptive behavior are all examples of cutting edge analytics that have been brought to bear on real world problems.

Our commitment to our customers and our focus on providing high value products and solutions to address their needs has resulted in our earning our customers’ loyalty and repeat business.