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CorrectionsLink in Massachusetts

Category: Case Studies

The Massachusetts Inmate Data Network (MIDNet), the local name for the CorrectionsLink™ solution was implemented across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2011 and has been in operation since where it connects all 14 counties and the Department of Correction. The purpose of this network is to enable appropriate justice entities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to conduct a federated query to view information about specific inmates across multiple facilities. The system is currently being used by agencies such as the State and Local Police, District Attorneys, Courts (Superior and District), Classification personnel from the Massachusetts Department of Correction, investigators from various correctional agencies and the Fusion Center (Boston Regional Intelligence Center).

In MIDNet, CorrectionsLink enables changes to the inmate information to be made available for search purposes, almost instantaneously  through the use of lightweight connectivity to the JMS / OMS databases. The special design of the this real-time capability enables investigators to see changes without compromising reliability or taxing the JMS / OMS databases. There have been several success stories with the use of MIDNet across multiple agencies.

CorrectionsLink has helped the investigators:

  • Identify assault and rape suspects through descriptions of tattoos from the victims.
  • Solve murder cases through tips and leads based on gang nicknames.
  • Catch escapees by finding known associates in a neighboring county

Helped booking and classification personnel to find medical and suicide alerts and take appropriate precautions.