Search County, City and State Databases - share data between Correctional Facilities and various Law Enforcement Agencies.

CorrectionsLinkTM powered by the Kovid Thinking Machine, serves the users in a variety of ways:

The Investigators & Prosecutors:

  • Helps investigators identify suspects using information gathered from investigations such as tattoos, scars, & marks, gang monikers, aliases, etc., even if the information is located in multiple JMS / OMS databases, supported by different vendors
  • Helps investigators track common phone calls, sources of funds, between inmates during their stays in different jails and / or prisons.
  • Helps investigators track down escapees by letting jail investigators search for known associates of the inmates in different JMS / OMS databases.

Booking Officers:

  • Helps booking officers discover alerts and cautions about the inmates being booked, based on the information from other counties or the state, even if their own JMS / OMS has no prior knowledge of the inmate.
  • Helps booking officers discover medical alerts, suicide indicators, whether or not the inmate is a sexual predator or victim even if their own JMS / OMS has no prior knowledge of the inmate.

Classification Officers:

  • Helps classification officers understand the inmates being booked. Helps them make a determination about the inmates’ violent tendencies, gang affiliations (past or present).


Big Data Analytics engines to handle large volume of data. The system is accessible through a web browser and can either be hosted on premises or off site in a secured cloud facility. CorrectionsLink has the ability to update itself in a real-time manner, thereby letting users see the information from the most recent bookings right away.

The solution also includes extensive audit logging to let the owners of the data determine, through an administration console, the users accessing their data, the search terms and the records that were examined in detail. This in turn permits counties, cities, and townships make their information available for search with confidence


Corrections Information Sharing: CorrectionsLink allows authorized users to view Inmate related information from the connected jails and prisons, regardless of the software systems’ vendors.

  • Gang Intelligence
  • Contacts during Incarceration
  • Visitors, Relatives, and Associates
  • Phone Contacts
  • Intelligence information
  • Behavior during Incarceration