Most offenders have multiple encounters with Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Health, Social Services.  As a result, their information is scattered across multiple, separate systems, which are not connected.  This information needs to be accessed by both Investigative and Social Services Personnel. When Law Enforcement, Corrections, Prosecutors, Social Services, and Health Provider agencies are looking to develop a holistic profile of an offender, to either support investigative and prosecution efforts, or to enhance the continuing care they provide when an offender is released back into society, they do not have a simple way of finding and aggregating the necessary information. Done manually, this is a very time consuming and expensive process, which impacts several areas: the public safety of the community, officer safety and well-being, and the success of care providers in their efforts to make re-entry into society a success. Kovid’s solutions are designed to address this important need.



Obtain inmates' information from neighboring
counties through a simple search...


Provide your community-based service providers,
with critical information about released inmates...


Conduct thorough investigations of sexual abuse
incidents in jails/prisons & produce reports easily...